Hotels with basketball courts are awesome

Last week I ended up staying at a hotel in Columbus, Ohio that actually has a basketball court outside. How cool is that?! Okay, so let me tell you about it now. It wasn’t exactly a full size basketball court or anything like that. They just had a hoop set up down at the far end of the parking lot. It was one of those really big, long parking lots so pretty much no one was parking down at that end. Though I do wonder if those spaces by the hoop get used if the hotel is at capacity. I am only thinking about that cause there were actually lines painted for the spaces under the hoop and in the playing area. That would really suck if that is the case.

Anyways, at the end of this parking lot there are just some trees and then a tall fence behind them. So, you do not really run the risk of losing your ball out in traffic or even hitting someone’s car and getting them all pissed off about that. So, that is a pretty cool thing this hotel has got going on. Though I do wonder if they have any rules about when you can and cannot be out there using it cause it could be annoying to guests who are trying to sleep in a little or even going to bed a little early. Cause I think we all know that playing basketball results in a lot of noise from the bouncing of the ball, eh?

It was snowing when I was in Ohio, so there was no way that I would have been able to take advantage of that setup and get in a little basketball workout. Of course, even if the weather had been decent I still probably would not have been doing any playing. Why, you ask? Well, I was talking to the hotel desk employee about how cool it is that guests can play ball and he told me that you have to bring your own basketball in order to play cause the hotel does not have any basketballs that you can use. How lame is that? I mean, I guess if I was staying there a while then I could run over to Target or something and pick up a cheap basketball to use but it is still super lame that the hotel does not offer one for guests. I mean, why even mount the basketball hoop up there in the back of the parking lot if you are not going to give people a way to use it, right? But, I guess if I find myself in that part of Ohio again in the future, that I will have to stay there to get in a little b-ball.

Must Visit Basketball Courts

Since I love playing ball and also enjoy a bit of travel here and there, I was pretty stoked to come across an article on cool b-ball courts around the world. Some of those courts are more impressive looking than others.

And I’m wondering how this one in Orange County CA is so empty when it’s right there by the beach?! Man, I would love to play me some ball right there by the ocean.

ocean basketball court

Of course, if you shoot wild and loose the ball, then I guess it could end up in the ocean, huh?

And how about that one in Canada? Looks pretty dope, huh? Plus, I could get me some of those maple candies when I’m done playing. Man, I love those things! That and Tim Hortons are pretty much the best things in Canada if you ask me.

canada basketball court

But my favorite out of all of them has got to be this on in Costa Rica…

costa rica basketball court

How cool does that look? And man, that view is crazy right there. Definitely makes me want to take my next vacation down there so that I can get in on this basketball court action. So far, I have only ever played in hotel parking lots and YMCA gyms when traveling. So this would totally take it to the next level for me.