Do You Want To Improve Your Basketball Skills?

basketball in hoopDo you want to improve your basketball skills? I takes more than a good basketball hoop and new b-ball shoes. Regardless of what level you play at or age you are, if you routinely set foot on the court to play hoops, you want to get better at it. That becomes a personal responsibility, considering that even players on coached teams need to work on their individual games when not in practice, since coaches can not possibly show them everything about the game.

A good place to start when you want to improve your basketball skills is being honest with yourself about your weaknesses. If you know that you get winded at the end of a game, then either start or rework your cardio to start lasting longer. On the other hand, if your problem is turnovers, start spending an extra hour a day working on your dribbling and passing so you are more careful.

If what you really want to work on is your jumpshot or shooting in general, then shooting a hundred free throws a day (or more) is a great thing to do. Not only will regular free throw shooting increase your free throw shooting percentage, but the repeated motion will make jump shots far more fluid over time. Just seeing the ball you shoot going into the net can also boost your shooting confidence.

Take advantage of the Internet if you are tight on money. YouTube has thousands of videos about basketball skills. Many are just teasers for workshops, camps, and premium online subscriptions, but there are freebies in there if you search deep enough. They contain individual exercises that you can incorporate into your daily routine that let you get better at individual skills.

If you are not tight on money, consider attending camps and workshops, or even possibly hire a personal trainer or coach to work out with you individually to get better at your game.

If you do participate in an organized league or competitive environment, plan your offseason. In the NBA, the offseason is when players get better, as there is little time or energy to work on their skills during the actual season. They typically take a month or two off to heal from the previous season, and then return to the gym to focus on a specific skill to get better at. If you are on a team that does not play all year, then you can do the same.

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