Must Visit Basketball Courts

Since I love playing ball and also enjoy a bit of travel here and there, I was pretty stoked to come across an article on cool b-ball courts around the world. Some of those courts are more impressive looking than others.

And I’m wondering how this one in Orange County CA is so empty when it’s right there by the beach?! Man, I would love to play me some ball right there by the ocean.

ocean basketball court

Of course, if you shoot wild and loose the ball, then I guess it could end up in the ocean, huh?

And how about that one in Canada? Looks pretty dope, huh? Plus, I could get me some of those maple candies when I’m done playing. Man, I love those things! That and Tim Hortons are pretty much the best things in Canada if you ask me.

canada basketball court

But my favorite out of all of them has got to be this on in Costa Rica…

costa rica basketball court

How cool does that look? And man, that view is crazy right there. Definitely makes me want to take my next vacation down there so that I can get in on this basketball court action. So far, I have only ever played in hotel parking lots and YMCA gyms when traveling. So this would totally take it to the next level for me.

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