Best Dunk EVER And It’s By A 5’9″ Guy!!

No ya’ll know that I love me some basketball, but what you might not know is that I am secretly obsessed with dunks. You see, this player right here is just too damn short to make that shizz happen. Or so I thought…

Today I came across what has got to be the hands down craziest dunk that I have ever seen. And what is even more crazy – and crazy impressive to a short guy like me – is that the dude making this dunk below is only 5’9″ tall!

Seriously crazy stuff man. Check it all out on the video below.

Yeah, super crazy shizz right there – dunking over someone who is sitting on someone else’s shoulders. Not sure who is crazier here – the dunker or the other two dudes.

Check out this other pic of the action:

Yeah, that’s crazy awesome right there.

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