Shopping for new kicks

basketball shoesOne area where I probably spend more money than most people in any given year is good shoes for playing basketball. And of course, Nike is where all my money goes when it comes to new basketball kicks. You know, I have actually tried to use other brands of shoes out on the court,  but I just play better when I am wearing a pair of Nikes.

Granted, it might all be in my head! lol You see, I grew up back in the day when Michael Jordan and his air jordans were the hottest thing in pro sports. And seeing Mike out their on the court in his Nikes always made me wanna do exactly the same.

All nostalgia aside, I really do think that they make the best shoes for playing basketball. I really have tried others – usually during those periods where I was short on cash and needed to save a little cash on this hobby of mine. But it really did not matter why I needed to use another brand, cause they just did not deliver the same way.

When I was a kid, my mom used to take me to the mall and we’d hit up the Shoe Carnival store to get some cheap b-ball shoes. These days, I still usually end up at the mall when it is time for a new pair of kicks. But instead of the Shoe Carnival, I head into the Foot Locker to try on the latest and greatest pair of Nike b-ball kicks.

What sucks though are those times when they are out of my size! That is really annoying and frustrating. It really makes me wish that Nike had some sort of new shoe release subscription service so that you could get them auto matically delivered to your home when there is a new style released to the market. You would not have to worry about places running out of your size any more! Of course, it would mean that you’d have to wait to get the shoes, which is lame. I love being able to walk into the shoe store and then leave that day with the shoes that I have had my eye on.

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