Where to get those new kicks

basketball shoesWhere do you do your shopping for new basketball shoes? I like to replace mine fairly regularly since they get so much use out on the court. Like a lot of people out there, no matter how many different shoes I try on, I always end up getting myself some sweet new nike basketball shoes. Maybe it is just an old school thing of growing up Michael Jordan was the best athlete in the world and wearing his Nike kicks.

Anyways, that brings me to the point of this – where to go shopping for the new basketball kicks? Back when I was a kid, my mom would take me to the mall and we’d hit up the Shoe Carnival store and score some decent sneakers at a usually cheap price. Of course, these days I cannot find the shoes that I want at discount shops like that.

For me, the first place that I end up going is actually the Foot Locker store at the mall. And one time I managed to score a sweet deal just by dumb luck when I was in  Dicks Sporting Goods store. Of course, if I already know the size that I’ll need and the exact style that I want, then I might just pull up the Nike website and have them shipped to my house. of course, I only do this when I am not in a hurry, otherwise I go right to the mall so that I can have them shoes right then and there.

You know what I wish? I think it would be so cool if Nike would just let you join kind of a basketball shoes subscription service to have them automatically sent to you whenever they have new ones coming out. You’d get your size and you would not have to go to the store, where they might already be out of your size.

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