Too sick to play :(

sick day spongebobFor me, basketball is life. So for me to not be playing basketball when I have the chance, well that right there is a big freaking deal. Well, it is definitely big deal time. In fact, that time is right now, bro.

Since the last time I updated, I managed to get myself this damn flu that has been going around. I thought that I was in the clear since I had made it this far without getting sick. But nope, it caught up to me and has kicked me in the ass alright.

Man, I can’t do nothing but lay here on the couch and watch me some Spongebob. God, I love that show. Never gets old no matter how many times I’ve seen the same episode. It is the perfect thing to watch when you don’t feel too good and can’t make it out on the the court to get in some game.

At least it is cold outside and I know that if I could get out there, I would be freezing my ass off. So, that makes this whole thing feel a little bit better.